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Our Services: Search

Sonit Search was established having heard frustrations from both clients and professionals alike across the market. With over 15+ years’ experience in the field it is evident that deep knowledge/research of an organisations motivations to augment/uplift capability across business and IT teams has been lost.

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The nuances that surround providing additional/uplifted capability to businesses – such as cultural dynamics, economic influencers and applying a real sense of care to both achieving valued outcomes for the organisational and professional alike is imperative to holistic success.

Sonit Group has taken the approach to work in close partnership with all actors/parties involved to ensure valuable, achievable and sustainable success for all involved.

Our areas of particular focus and expertise are Business Transformation and Change Management.

Change Management

As our customers embark on their Digital transformation journeys, the scale of change demands that our clients have the best of breed change management expertise. Sonit Group recognise that not only technology, but people are crucial to the success of ensuring that our clients are able to adapt and embrace change whilst at the same time minimising disruption to the business and ensuring success.

Quality Assurance

Our knowledge in the Quality Assurance domain is strong and having worked in industry for almost 20 years, we have a great sense of what is required in the current market. With Agile delivery there is a strong emphasis on delivering value quickly into customers hands, but this should not come with compromised quality.

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