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Our Services: Software

Sonit Group has a strong and proven software consulting and delivery arm which operates mainly across NSW. Our consultants have delivered a number of projects across Sydney.

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Our value proposition is the ability to quickly mobilise a skilled team of developers with a proven development methodology, knowledgeable in key fin-tech technologies and to develop an MVP/Proof of Concept within short time frames.

  • E2E Software Development Services.
  • Enterprise level secure coding practices.
  • Back-end development using a wide list of modern technologies based on Microsoft.NET and .NET Core Frameworks or Linux based stacks Node.js/Python.
  • Front End development – server-side rendering MVC and client-side rendering with an integration of modern JavaScript frameworks Angular and React.
  • Database development with Microsoft SQL Server or open source databases with enterprise license PostgreSQL, NoSQL Database services using Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Document DB or similar.
  • Complete CI/CD flow with cloud-based environments set up, Microsoft – Azure and Amazon AWS.

Sonit Group aligns with strategic technology partners we feel have the best of breed solution to address these challenges.

Our experience has shown that almost all organisations are trying reduce time to value – increasing business pressures on IT teams to deliver faster. Without the full picture of what is slowing down delivery, it is near impossible to pinpoint the bottlenecks.

Plutora is a complete software delivery management solution engineered to improve time-to-value. Plutora provides you with a control tower overseeing the entirety of your software delivery people, processes, and tools independent of methodology, automation, or tool vendor.

Sonit Group are a proud reseller and systems integrator for the Plutora solution. See for more details on full platform.

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The World Quality Report 2018-19 findings list “Low levels of automation and challenges with test data and environments holding back quality assurance and software testing efficiencies.”

Actifio helps hundreds of global enterprise customers and service providers around the world virtualize their test data providing high fidelity test data for testing.

Visit for more information.

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